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sups for children and teens


Children and teens who are still developing need to think a little more about paddle selection than adults who are physically forming, teenagers can choose inflatable paddle board according to the following methods:

1.Length: The length of the paddle is closely related to the height of the paddle, as teenagers are still growing, the length of the paddle naturally cannot be fixed, otherwise it will not be suitable for the next year.So, the fixed-length one-piece paddle is not suitable for teenagers,The length of the paddle is preferably adjustable, adjusting the length of the paddle according to annual changes in height.

2.Paddle size: Compared to adults, teenagers are a little weaker, so the area of the paddle blade needs to be smaller, too big paddle blade is not only hard to paddle up,but there is also the risk of shoulder injury, adult women’s paddle blade is generally between 70-90 square inches, adult men are generally between 80-100 square inches, according to the actual physical condition and use of each person to choose the size of the paddle blade, teenagers need a smaller paddle blade.


3.Paddle diameter: youth paddlers generally have smaller palms,they need a finer paddle fit the palm, so the paddle directly can not be too big, adult paddlers directly between 25-30mm, youth need a little finer.


  1. Paddle weight: in the case of meeting the intensity of use, of course, the lighter the better,it’s moreeasier toAn all-carbon blade and paddle shaft is the lightest pairing, but slightly more expensive, and can be paired with a fiberglass paddle shaft, which is more durable, more pliable, and less impactful on the shoulder.


If you don’t know how to choose the inflatable paddle board, please contact us, and the company’s professionals will give you a detailed introduction.