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Latest scuba full vision snorkeling diving mask underwatr swimming snorkeling goggles
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Product Detail
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Latest scuba full vision snorkeling diving mask underwatr swimming snorkeling goggles

Product parameters

Product name: Popular Selling Double Tube Swimming Diving Silicone Snorkel Mask
Material: Liquid silicone, PC
Certification: CE/ROHS/BSCI/FDA
Feature: Anti Fog, Waterproof, Easy Breath,Easy wear
Color: Black, White+pink/blue, black+blue/orange/coral red
Size: S/ M, L/ XL
Age: Adult
Usage: Adult Snorkel Set
Advantages: Easy breath and anti fog
MOQ: ≥5

Product description

1.Leakage-Proof - Our snorkeling mask uses non-toxic silicone to make a sealing and waterproof area. It has 3 layers of waterproof mechanism, smooth drainage and wears safety, in order to escort you're snorkeling tour.

2.Anti-Fogging - The latest-designed diving mask with anti-fogging coating that effect will keep the last 15000 hours. Since then, no fog will prevent us from exploring the underwater world.

3.Adjustable Elastic Band - The face scuba mask with adjustable elastic drawstring, not only perfect fit face and free to adjust the length of strings. No pressure or dizziness on the head, you can enjoy snorkeling with ease and freedom.

4.Respiratory System - We use K2 unidirectional (outer) circulation breathing separation, separates expiration from inspiration mechanically. Inspiration enters through the dual breathing tube. The carbon dioxide exhaled as well as residual oxygen not inhaled into the body that discharges from the outside of the mask respectively. Thus, prevent carbon dioxide from entering the body to cause life threatening and other accidents.

5.Customer Service - We offer the quality warranty and refund guarantee, If you have any problems, please contact us in time. We are glad to help solve the problems.

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