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Gasoline power electric jet board

Our products are made of high quality materials.More than 500 slimming materials, making the hull particularly strong and stiff.Strong double axis 0.7mm 1000 polyester mesh, make the product more compact.The rail has 0.5mm, 500 polyester, plain weave, guaranteed 100% air.Single layer can make the sup more lighter and more flexible.


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Gasoline power electric jet board

Surfing is not a very common sport in China. The main reason is that there are few beaches suitable for surfing. If you want to surf, you need the cooperation of the weather. After all, you can only surf with waves. In order to solve this embarrassment, a brand-new electric driven surfing device has come out. It can be used as long as the water is available. There is no need to see whether the weather is capable.

Specific parameters

Overall length 1800mm
Overall width 600mm
Engine 2stroke water-cooled
Overall height 160mm (out of fin)
Displacement 110CC
Net Weight 20kg
Max. power 12HP
Fuel mixing ratio 30 1
Bore x Stroke 53*50 mm
Battery lithium battery Group,
integrated in the ECU
Idling speed 2900rpm(In water)
Jet Pump Type Axial flow, single stage
Spark plug model NGK BPM7A
Max. Person 1
Ignition form DC digital ignition
Max. capacity 100kg
Minimum water depth 50cm
Packing size 185*68*37 cm
MOQ ≥5

This electric surfboard only needs 2.5 hours to charge and can run for more than an hour. Although the time is relatively short, the speed can reach 34 mph, that is to say, the speed is more than 50km / h. In fact, it is quite exciting. Next time we go to the seaside, we must take it with us.

What is a power surfboard?
The power surfboard is a new type of sports equipment. It is a two-stroke engine with high power-to-weight ratio. It can be used on the sea or on a calm water surface.

The utility model comprises a hull assembly, a power device, a joystick and a main tail. The hull assembly is a flat long elliptical streamlined hollow structure, and a central cover is arranged at a central portion of the hull assembly, and the power device is arranged in the hull. At the location, the head of the hull assembly is provided with a shroud, and the operating handle is coupled to the shroud via a cable tube. The tail portion below the hull assembly is provided with a main tail, and the front end of the main tail is provided with a left wing and a right wing.

The power unit adopts gasoline fuel, and the control handle is provided with a control switch, which is operative and entertaining when surfing.


1.Strictly according to the proportion of 30to 1 against the oil (1 liter gasoline / 40 ml of oil). Mix the oil run out in the day, metamorphic redness of mixed oil cannot be used. (it is forbidden to use pure gasoline)

2.New machine cannot be used in high speed, low speed running in 3 hours, please (equivalent to 2 tank)

3.Want to let the machine longer life, using every half hour to rest for 10 minutes.

4.When high speed suddenly shut down the engine, otherwise it will make the next start difficult or even cause machine damage.

5.The machine vibration is unusual, pleasestop the machine immediately to check, if damaged, loose, eccentric.

6.Every work 50 hours cleaning the spark plug, muffler carbon deposition.

7.Regular inspection on carburetor, cleaning and maintenance, suggested that experienced professional maintenance personnel, avoid by all means to disorderly disorderly adjustment.

8.Before delivery carburetor high speed, low oil oil needle have been debugging is in order and do not adjust, lest cause failure (oil, smoke, poor drainage, etc.).

9.Carburetor cleaning, please do not use wire tong, pay all kinds of orifice or tiny channels. Ought to use clean gasoline or special detergent soak, cleaning, and compressed air to blow dry orifice and other parts.

Safety Notice

Who suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, infection, muscle paralysis, osteoporosis, or psychiatric disease and other diseases affecting the safety of embarkation and pregnant women and serious seasick, please don't take a boat, hiding the above situation, sea accidents, the consequence is proud.

The power surfboard is only suitable for healthy adults, driving, minors and people over 60 years of age. If a minor needs to drive the experience must be driven by a professional coach.

The drinker is prohibited from driving motorboats;

Beginners should be guided by professionals;

Before boarding the boat, you must wear a life jacket and helmet, and tighten the VHF intercom on your body;

When boarding the boat, fasten the switch insurance rope to the wrist, in case the body throws off the body, the motor boat will automatically shutdown.

When you're driving, you should take the right to avoid making a sharp turn to avoid a collision.

The motor boat is driven by the jet of water to push forward and control the direction, so when the motorboat is on the shore, it should slow down slowly instead of fast stop. If the fire is out, the direction will not be controlled, and the inertia will make the surfboat go straight to the shore.

Don't stray too far from the coast in the driving process.

The motor boat is forbidden to go to the beach. When you need to go to the beach, you should open the safety key after the water depth of 90CM.

It is strictly forbidden to drive in the water of the water and refuse, and to start the engine in the vicinity of anyone swimming;

On a surfing boat, legs and feet are prohibited;

When the weather is not suitable for sailing, such as the rain or above, lightning, fog, wind, etc., you must come ashore in time.



Q1: Are you a factory or trade company?

A1: Yes, we are a manufacturer, direct supplier from China.

Q2: What about the delivery time?

A2: In general, the production can be completed in 15- 20 days.The specific time depends on the quantity

Q3: What about size and color?

A3: We accept any sizes or customized.

Q4:What kind of stand up paddling you want to do.

A4: If you are a beginner to intermediate SUPer or if you just want a basic board for a bit of fun.In general, the best all round SUP board should be large, thick and stiff enough to offer stability (especially for SUP yoga) but light, curved and thin enough to handle well over choppy water, light surf and waves.

Q5: How about the shipping?

A5: We can send the inflatable mat by air, sea or express depend on the different quantity and weight; We can arrange the shipping for you according to your requirements.

Q6: What kind of payments does support?

A6: T/T, L/C ,Western Union, Trade assurance & Cash are accepted.

Q7: What's the MOQ?

A7: Generally speaking, the MOQ is 1PCS, we can provide you samples for quality inspection.


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