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Electric motor surfboard
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Electric motor surfboard

Electric surfboard

This electric surfboard only needs 2.5 hours to charge and can run for more than an hour. Although the time is relatively short, the speed can reach 34 mph, that is to say, the speed is more than 50km / h. In fact, it is quite exciting. Next time we go to the seaside, we must take it with us.

Specific parameters

Place of Origin China
Size 106*68*29cm , 42*27*11 inch
Voltage DC 23-29.4 V
Charging Time 4-5 hours (normal), 2-3 hours (fast)
3 Speed Levels 4 km/h, 6 km/h, 9 km/h
Gross Weight: 20kg
Max Power 800W
Safe diving depth 5m
Battery 400Wh, 15Ah lithium battery
Cruising Range 6 km
MOQ ≥5


High-Quality e Foil Surfboat Kite Wing Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard Surf Foil Board with Motion Sensor for Sale.

Multiple modes of experience

Two experience modes, 4 speed gears can be applied to different waters and different user groups, both adults and children can play.

In low speed mode, it reflects water recreation and swimming practice.

In high speed mode, enjoy the pleasure of sea surfing.

Working mileage: 30-60 minutes (battery capacity can be increased according to user needs, and cruise range can be adjusted)

The standard model

Press the main power switch for 3 seconds, the LCD screen will light up, and the system will default to the standard mode.

Movement patterns

Press the main power switch again and the system will adjust to motion mode.

Power on and off

Press the main power switch for 3 seconds, the system will be energized, 5 seconds later, the system will

Shutdown, stop using the system for 5 minutes, the system automatically shutdown for 10 minutes.

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