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Carbon surfboard electric efoil board
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Our products are made of high quality materials.More than 500 slimming materials, making the hull particularly strong and stiff.Strong double axis 0.7mm 1000 polyester mesh, make the product more compact.The rail has 0.5mm, 500 polyester, plain weave, guaranteed 100% air.Single layer can make the sup more lighter and more flexible.


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Carbon surfboard electric efoil board

The highest speed of efoil can reach 25 mph. The first two size versions of efoil are the Standard Version, which is 168 cm long and 71 cm wide, while the other sports version is 152.2cmx63.5cm. The standard efoil provides more stability because of its larger deck; the smaller surfboard, because of its small size, has a very flexible steering speed.

Specific parameters

Place of origin China
Mode number E001
Speed 25-30km/h
Material Carbon
Cooling System under water
Under water Great sup
Product name Electric foil board
Color Customized Color
Lead time 20 days of sample
Net weight 11kg
MOQ ≥5


Product detail

Speed 52km/h Hard Carton Fiber Stand-Up Battery Stand Up Hydrofoil Jet Paddle Board with Fin Motor Electric Water Board.

When the eFoil was conceived, the creators wanted to create an entirely new experience for watersports, using all of the modern technology they had seen applied to vehicles on the road, in the air, and in the water over the course of the last few years.

How Does it Work?

The eFoil uses an advanced high energy density Lithium Ion battery to power a silent electric motor in a hydrodynamic torpedo design; all of which is controlled with a wireless bluetooth hand controller.

Since the eFoil is electric, noise is eliminated and maintenance becomes incredibly easy compared to gas engines. Not only can you ride the powered board on nearly any surface of water, you can rise up on the hydrofoil to literally fly above the water for an incredible experience.

1.Engine Controller: The engine is now with the perfect accelerations, decelerations and speed outlets so you get the most stability out of your ride.

2.Silent Electric Engine: Lots of energy in a compact space allows you to travel swiftly through the water without the irritant noise created by gas engines.

3.Waterproof Hatch: All the batteries, engine controller, chips and the wires are stored in the waterproof hatch.It's easily opened to replace the battery.

4.Control Performance: The engine is commanded by the controller in your hand. The power will automatically shut off by simply releasing the lever, if submerged in water.


Why choose greatsup ?

1.We offer professional repairing tips for free.

2.As a 10-year-old experienced inflatable boat factory,We offer you competitive factory direct price.

3.Well-trained workers with strong quality awareness.

4.Professional marketing staff with good command of dealing international exporting business

5.We also listen carefully to our customers about their feedback and requirements. In the rare case of a problem with your order, please feel free to tell us , so we can make it right. Defective products will be changed by a free replacement after confirmed because of Quality problem.


Q1.How is the size for the whole board, including the hydrofoi?


Q2.How is the speed range?

A2: 25-30km/h

Q3.How long is the battery life, if charge full?

A3: 1h

Q4.Load capacity?


Q5.How is the weight for the board only?

A5:Less 30kg

Q6.About the hydrofoil, I need to know mast length, wingspan, material, motor power.

A6:① The height of the column is 80cm.

②A wingspan of 65 cm.

③The material is carbon fiber.

④Motor power 3500w.

Q7:Is there a remote controller? how is it conect to the motor? and is there a display on the controller? waterproof rate?

A7:① A remote control.

②Bluetooth remote control.

③Display screen.


Q8.Battery, I need to know the capacity, type, weight, battery management, and how many time could charge? aterproof rate?

A8:The maximum discharge of 18650 power lithium battery is 200A, It starts to decay after 300 recharges, The charging time is 2-4 hours.

Q9: Charger for battery, I need to know input, outoput, charging time, and with certificate?

A9: No certificate.

Q10: Lead time for your goods?

A10: 20 days of sample, Batch time needs to be negotiated.

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