14 Feet fast colorful EVA sup board

Our products are made of high quality materials.More than 500 slimming materials, making the hull particularly strong and stiff.Strong double axis 0.7mm 1000 polyester mesh, make the product more compact.The rail has 0.5mm, 500 polyester, plain weave, guaranteed 100% air.Single layer can make the sup more lighter and more flexible.


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14 Feet fast colorful EVA sup board

Inner first class V drop-stitch,pull up to 150N, safe and durable Double layer PVC material, Max load is 180kg An elastic band at the front that holds luggage in place Large Plug-in big fin, Safety air plug and durable. Honey com Non-slip EVA pad and adjustable aluminum paddle.

Commodity parameters

Model N0: G-426
Length: 14’(426cm)
Width: 26”( 66cm )
Thi ckness: ( 15cm )
Max loading: 140kg
Displace ment: 360L
FIN: PIug-in big finX 1
MOQ: ≥5


Product detail

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