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Nadmuchiwane SUP wiosło na pokład o godz 40 metrów wysokości

Today I’m sharing a very thrilling and fantastic inflatable stand up paddle board venue abroad – the Pontes Vauday Waterway Bridge and Canal.The Pontesvotel Waterway Bridge and Canal is located in the north east of Wales, Anglia, zbudowana pomiędzy 1795 i 1805. ma 18 km długości i jest najdłuższą i najwyżej położoną drogą wodną w Wielkiej Brytanii.


Dziś mówimy o podwyższonym odcinku drogi wodnej, który jest 40 metrów nad ziemią, 307 metrów długości, 3.7 metrów szerokości, 1.6 metrów głębokości, przy poziomie wody ok 30 cm i że z boku kanału nie zainstalowano poręczy ochronnej, zastanawiam się, czy goście rejsu statkiem po kanale mają, soul-sucking feeling as they drive down the elevated waterway section.


But that’s not all, the most exciting part is that some artistically daring paddle boarders will choose to paddle without any protection.It means that if you make a mistake, your center of gravity is not stable, you slip and roll, or you are afraid of heights and your psychological endurance is not strong enough,or in the case of wind, rain and other natural conditions, you may also experience the feeling of flying down from 40 meters. It can be said that on such a way, adrenaline can directly rush to the sky.


So far, there are only a few players challenging the paddle here, and the official also strongly suggests that the paddle players must pull down the paddle when walking this road section, while the kayak players obviously have a lot more, after all, the center of gravity is relatively low, the wind impact is small, the vision is not so wide, and the psychological pressure will be relatively small, but it will be very dangerous.

Czas postu: 2020-11-20