Fokus på produksjon og levering av oppblåsbar stand up paddle boar


  • Hvordan tør du å si at du vet om oppblåsbare padlebrett

    Kan du forestille deg et styre, a paddle, Du kan sykle i elver og innsjøer, padling og surfing(oppblåsbare paddleboards)?En boarding for vannsport padle, som har sin opprinnelse på Hawaii, USA, tar stille stille verden med storm, å bli den raskest voksende fritidsidretten i verden i dag.   Typene paddleboards er:   Reisebrett:Det er lengre enn hovedstyret, designed for long-distance…
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  • Hvordan velge de beste oppblåsbare sups for barn og tenåringer

    Children and teens who are still developing need to think a little more about paddle selection than adults who are physically forming, teenagers can choose inflatable paddle board according to the following methods: 1.Lengde: The length of the paddle is closely related to the height of the paddle, as teenagers are still growing, the length of the paddle naturally…
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  • Introduksjon til Life Vest

    Today, outdoor sports are booming, safety issues have to be mentioned on the agenda because in the wild, there are many unpredictable emergencies, strong winds, heavy rain, heavy snow, extreme heat, severe cold, injuries ... and there are many tragedies or accidents that have occurred are warning people that outdoor sports are dangerous, and you should be cautious in participating.…
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  • Yoga Love Paddle Board

    Are you ready for a great weekend? This is a sport that adults and children love. Now it's the season to enjoy flowers and SUP. Recently, there have been more trips to the river. Some people will feel that kapok tree is the symbol of the time when every ferry depends on waterway transportation.Let's take the board and have fun.…
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