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Best Deals On Water Resistant Backpack With GREAT SUP


If you love the water, then you may go kayaking. When in the decision of kayak touring, a dry backpack is one of the essentials to keep you dry even though you end up in the water. Having the best waterproof backpack is what a surfer consider before paddling on the water. Beyond that, a water resistant backpack is also a must-have for going beach, rafting, hiking, and camping. So the question is: Where can I find the best waterproof backpack?

Most people going out for water trips will carry dry backpacks. If you carry stuff such as a phone, camera, clothes, and snacks, our dry bags make every effort to keep your articles dry, safe, and clean. And the best part is that sand and mud don’t stick to it. Most importantly, if you are a surfer, carrying a dry bag with you is dispensable.

GREAT SUP is a reputed waterproof backpack manufacturer that offers many kinds of dry bags of various specifications which is the perfect combination of premium quality, extreme durability, maximum protection, and low cost! We are engaged in the design, production, sale of waterproof backpacks worldwide. Due to its multiple features, our dry bags get clients' preferences.

The main components of our water resistant backpack

1. Solid roll-top closure

The result of a roll-top closure is a stronger and more durable waterproof structure instead of traditional stitching and taped seams. The solid roll-top closure makes it easy to achieve the best watertight seal. Leave a little extra space in your dry bag for air so that it can help to float on the water. Once you have what you need in the bag, roll down the top 3-4 times and then clip the buckles. This provides a leak-proof seal to keep your things safe.

2. Floats in water

Floats are of equal importance that keeps your bags floating in the water.

3. Adjustable Shoulder Straps

The shoulder strap makes the bag easier to carry, especially on the way paddling to your destination or hiking. The extra strap to throw over your shoulder is a nice added bonus!

GREAT SUP offers the 10L/25L/40L best waterproof backpack

Made with thick 500D tarpaulin, an ultra-tough waterproof fabric, our dry bags have the characteristics of resisting tear, puncture, abrasion, and strong enough to use in most harsh conditions. They are also light in weight, and keep soft and touch smooth even in the extremely cold seasons.

We have 10L/25L/40L dry bag. 10L dry bag is large enough to hold keys, phone, and camera. If it's a long, big trip, the 25L/ 40L dry bag will get people's preferences, in which you can contain more essentials such as clothes, towels, etc. The reasonably priced dry bags from GREAT SUP make them affordable and accessible. They also come with a bunch of size options and color options. Welcome to get the best deals on water resistant backpack with GREAT SUP.


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