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Transparent Kayak – Guide And Reviews


Transparent Kayak - Guide And Reviews

As the name implies, the transparent kayak is a kayak made of polycarbonate, a naturally transparent material, for the whole hull! Thus, it features very durable and high impact resistance.

Through the clear bottom of the kayak, you can have a panoramic view of the beauty of the water bottom, that’s something that traditional boats don’t have.

A transparent kayak, also called see through kayak or clear bottom kayak, can provide a unique viewing experience to the underwater world and allow you to experience magical marine life. It creates a more paddling experience than ever before.

When in the decision to paddle in the clear water area where lots of marine creatures live, a transparent kayak is the best choice. You can see and even interact with them up close.

However, due to the feature of a clear hull, it means that there is less space to store your gear. In other words, although it has space for your gear, the visibility will be blocked.

Some kayak manufacturers will use a metal frame on the clear hull, while others will install additional buoyancy aids on the bow and stern for more buoyancy.

There are two types of clear kayak that get people's preferences: one is 1 person clear kayak, the other is 2 person clear kayak.

1 Person Clear Kayak

Product features:

Special features Durable: Made with premium quality durable and UV fade-resistant vinyl raft material that is thicker and more tear resistant than most competitors' material. UV-protected printing so the colors don't fade ensure years of fun with this boat.  
Convenient: After deflating, the volume is very small and convenient for transportation.  
Light: The weight is very light.  
High-Quality After-sales Service: 24 hours online service. If you have any problems with products, you can contact us immediately.  
Size 2700*838*336mm  
Capacity 1 person  
Material Polycarbonate, PC  
Color Transparent  
Accessory Aluminum frame, Paddle, Chair, Air Bag  
OEM, ODM Accept  
MOQ ≥5  



2 Person Clear Kayak

Product Specifications:

Model Material Size(mm) Paddlers(Max) Weight Kayak Capacity
MCK-A Polycarbonate 3300x850x320 2Persons 23KGS 220KGS


ABS Paddles Cushion Airbags Aluminum Frame Stern Rudder Screw Pack
2 PCS 2 PCS 2 PCS 1 PC 1 PC several pcs

Quick details:

Capacity (Person) 2, 2 Persons
Color Transparent
Material Polycarbonate
Thickness 6mm
Length 3300x850x320mm
Weight about 23kg
capacity 200kg



A Clear Kayak Cost
A single clear kayak comes with 1 or 2 seats and 42-48 lbs weight. It can bear a total weight capacity of 425 lbs. A clear kayak cost differs in a specific structure but is ranging from $1900 to $2200.


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