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SUP paddle skills


Paddle forward

Insert the blades into the water, keep your arms straight, press the paddle board handle with one hand, pull the blade back to your ankles through the force of your waist, then leave the water and do it over and over again.

To keep the line going, alternately draw water on both sides of the board, three or four times on one side, and then on the other.

Therefore, if you need to turn, you can always row on one side, row left, paddle board turn right, and vice versa, the more the oars outward rowing, the greater the range of the turn.

2.Reverse paddle method

Reverse paddles are mainly used for deceleration, stopping and cornering. It's basically the opposite of forward paddling.


Just like paddling forward, keep your arms straight and paddle from the back to the opposite direction through the force of your waist.

3.Sweeping paddle method

The sweeping paddle method is very effective for steering the paddle board when stationary or moving.

If you're going to turn left, cross the waist, legs, and hips, and on the right side of the board, circle the oars halfway from the head to the end of the board, turning the paddle board to the left and vice versa.

4.Side-pulling paddle method

Side Latifah is mainly used for ashore or to change the way of navigation.

To shore to the right, turn your shoulders to the right, insert the blades into the water on the right side of the paddle board, and pull in the direction of the paddle board so that the paddle plate moves to the right. The tail fins are not very friendly to side-by-side rowing, which makes the end of the plate move slower than the head, and you can insert the paddle closer to the end of the plate.

5.Bow paddle method

The bow paddle method is suitable for fast route adjustment when moving. If you need to turn right, rotate your body to the left and your right shoulder forward. Insert the blades completely into the water on the left side of the board head and make a large arc to the right of the end of the plate.


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