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Introduction To Life Vest

Today, outdoor sports are booming, safety issues have to be mentioned on the agenda because in the wild, there are many unpredictable emergencies, strong winds, heavy rain, heavy snow, extreme heat, severe cold, injuries ... and there are many tragedies or accidents that have occurred are warning people that outdoor sports are dangerous, and you should be cautious in participating. However, if you are in danger, you will not be able to participate. As long as you are properly prepared and equipped to cope with a certain harsh environment, it is not a big problem to survive in various emergency situations. In countries where European and American outdoor sports have developed for a long time, the development of outdoor emergency equipment is indeed quite complete. Various first-aid kits and first-aid facilities are widely used not only in the field of outdoor activities but also in various emergency situations. For example, to rescue the wounded at the accident site, the emergency life-saving blanket can protect the heat of the wounded body from being radiated outward, and improve the power of rescue. The outdoor field in China currently pays less attention to emergency life-saving equipment. As more and more people participate in this sport, it will inevitably bring more problems. Popularizing life-saving knowledge and life-saving equipment can do the best possible Reduce the occurrence of wild accidents, because life is the most important, and nature will have a variety of tests while bringing people a good enjoyment, so you can not be underestimated, do not treat nature with a conquering attitude, you will always Unable to conquer nature, human beings are very small under the power of nature. Anytime something happens, life-saving equipment comes in handy at this time. Of course, there are many emergency life-saving equipment that can be used for more than one thing and can also achieve the purpose of doing the most things with the least equipment.

The life-saving equipment on the plane is mainly a life jacket for passengers. There are two colors of Life Vest: yellow and red. Among them, red is for crew members and yellow is for passengers. These two colors are warning colors, making it easy for rescuers to find and distinguish in the vast sea. The life jacket is made of nylon material with two upper and lower airbags, which plays the role of double insurance. There are two high-pressure gas cylinders on the left and right in the attachment, as long as the red handles on both sides are pulled, they can be automatically inflated within 2 seconds; the mouthpieces on both sides can also be manually inflated to increase buoyancy. The power of the azimuth indicator is activated by seawater, and the power supply time can be up to 12 hours, which is easy to be found at night. Some are also equipped with a whistle (for calling), the mirror (reflecting light), etc.

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