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Why paddleboard yoga is a big hit in the entertainment industry


SUP Yoga is a sport that combines SUP paddleboarding and yoga, blending yoga poses from ancient India with surfing.It allows one to enhance the core muscle group strength in the practice of yoga and get closer to nature. As an emerging exercise, it is popular in Europe and the United States and is popular with the public.Just imagine, on a hot summer day, in the cool sea, one person, one board, floating lightly, fresh air, sunshine and beautiful scenery, you can rest your mind and practice yoga, which is unparalleled in any gym or yoga studio.


Compared to floor yoga, paddle board yoga is much more difficult, the buoyancy of the water and uneven pressure points can easily lead to an imbalance and falling into the water, so it requires more balance on our part.At the same time,SUP Yoga is very helpful for adjusting body posture and spinal curvature, reshaping body lines, and of course, it can also help us better integrate into nature, enter the meditative state faster and better, leaving aside all distractions, which is very beneficial to modern urbanites in the bustling, noisy city, no wonder more and more vegetarians and even celebrities are now starting to play SUP Yoga.



We've also recently developed the first professional yoga paddleboard, the best inflatable paddle board,soon to debut publicly, with multiple styles to choose from, that's fueled summer style. Or is it fresh and girly, or is it voluptuous and seductive? Let's keep it a little mysterious, but I promise you, this is definitely a style that every beauty-loving, fun-loving yogi will fall in love with at first glance!

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