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The difference between a surfboard and a paddleboard

The difference between a surfboard and a paddleboard

For those who are passionate about the ocean, just stand on the surfboard or stand up paddle board, which is the closest to the beauty of the ocean. But which of these two sports is more entertaining and gives you the most experience from the water? Most importantly, which one is best for you? The following are the main similarities and differences between surfing and standing paddle boards:

1. Different forces: both sup paddle and surfboard can surf, but the most obvious difference between them is that the standing paddle board or sup uses the paddle to move, while the surfboard uses the surfer's body, hands as the paddle, and then rides or turns according to the center of gravity deviation.

Different shapes: the size of standing paddle board and surfboard is very different. Sup board is much longer, generally more than 10 feet 6 in China, usually heavier and thicker. Surfboards usually range in size from five to nine feet and are lighter. The reason for the difference is the use of surfboards. When the sup board glides on the sea, it is usually for better stability in the water. Surfboard means riding with or along the waves, which requires greater mobility and flexibility.

3. Different sizes: standing paddles are usually larger than surfboards. Larger volumes usually mean thicker (sometimes), longer (almost always) and wider (almost always), and the advantage of having larger volumes is that catching waves can be easier.

4. Ride the same wave: sup surfers and surfers can ride the same wave, but because the sup board is larger than the surfboard, less responsive and less mobile, so dangerous surfing is carried out in crowded areas, unless you are a good surfer and sup surfer.

5. Summary: in foreign countries, many people surf by paddle board, but in China, this situation is relatively rare. Therefore, domestic public beginners understand that surfboard mainly surf on the sea and paddleboard mainly plays in still water lakes. There are very obvious definitions and distinctions between them. In other words, real surfing paddleboard is extremely rare in China, Vitra There is only one style. Even so, most of the buyers use it as paddle board. Although it is not rigorous, the domestic surfboards and paddles can be distinguished according to the water area and whether or not they are equipped with oars.

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