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Precautions for surfing

Surfing( inflatable surfboard )is an extreme sport that uses its super-high technique and balance ability to fight against the waves. So what are the precautions for playing surfing?

Precautions for surfing

    1. When carrying a surfboard, pay attention to the place where it turns. Put it on the ground gently. When the wind is strong, cover the surfboard with sand to avoid being blown away by the wind.
    2. When the surfboard rushes back to the shore from the open sea and the depth is about 30 cm, please get off the board immediately to avoid direct impact on the rocks.
    3. When the surfboard collides with the waves, do not pull the safety foot rope and surfboard with your hands, so that your hands will not be strained.
    4. When surfing, please keep the length of two surfboards for everyone in the sea.
    5. When you are a beginner surfer, please check your equipment before going into the water. Check whether there are waxing blocks, safety ropes, and life jackets. You can only go surfing after 20 minutes of warm-up exercises.
    6. When holding the surfboard and going out to the sea, the angle of the surfboard in your hand should be in a straight line. Never put the surfboard in front of your body to prevent the waves from hitting the surfboard and hitting your body.
    7. The rule for surfing is to be the closest to the breaking point of the wave, and his action is to stand up first, and the surfer next to him must stop surfing. If you don’t do this, if an accident occurs, the person who grabs the wave will be responsible. All consequences and liability for compensation.
    8. The best wave shape for surfing is the best wave that crashes in the middle and pushes on both sides. The most dangerous and bad wave is a row of waves that suddenly collapse. Please go ashore at this time.
    9. The surfer who is closest to the first wave area when surfing in the open sea, if there is a mad dog wave covering the entire row from above the surfer, the surfer should quickly throw the surfboard back, and quickly pull the water to dive and hide .
    10. When doing calisthenics on the beach, the sea breeze is very strong at this time. Please fasten the safety foot ropes. People should stand on the front edge of the downwind direction to avoid being hit by their surfboards.
    11. If you see jellyfish appearing or bitten by jellyfish while surfing in the sea, please hurry ashore and rest.
    12. When surfing a big wave, the surfer in the front, and the surfer beside, in the middle or behind, must keep a safe distance of 3 waveboards, so that everyone's surfboards and safety ropes are entangled when the mad dog waves are covered.
    13. Surfers must abide by the rules of the surfing ride. One wave per person, whoever is closest to the starting point of the wave wall has the first priority to stand up. At this time, the competing surfers quickly brake or draw their boards to stop surfing.
    14. Beginner surfers should strengthen hand paddling training, physical training, foot training, and water holding training.
    15. If you want to surf well, you must have the technique of diving and surpassing the waves. You must have high fighting spirit and strong physical muscles. Please watch surfing videos, surfing magazines, surf with surfers, observe more, and exchange experience frequently if you have nothing to do. Become a surfer soon.
    16. When surfing, if you encounter a sea current that pulls out to the outside world, just follow the current in an inclined direction and grasp the waves. Do not throw away the safety foot rope. Please rest on the wave board and wait for rescue.

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