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Travel to Sangzhou Island

Sangzhou Island, located in Huidong County, Huizhou City, is still uninhabited. There are many tropical and subtropical plants on the island. There are tall and dense mulberry trees all over the mountains. It is the most characteristic tree species on the 1about 6 kilometers away from Shuangyue Bay You can only get there by boat, because the sea water is pure and the sea bottom is rich in life. It is a secret Sea Island snorkeling base.

n summer, we don't have to roast side by side with the sun. In the vast sea, white sails, let's dance together with the waves. Let's let the sailing with a long history and the sailing in the elite world step out of the aristocratic circle and enter the civilian life. Everyone is a navigator. Our sailboat is light and compact, with fast speed, flexible steering, strong resistance to wind and waves, and fashionable appearance, You can easily enjoy the pleasure of sailing in the sea. Each sailboat can take 6 tourists, and each ship has a captain to take you out. The whole journey provides security and makes people enjoy the exciting experience of sailing.

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