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Upper paddle board On shore and in water


Upper paddle board On shore and in water

First of all, we should check whether the foot rope we wear is in good condition and firm! The damaged foot rope must be replaced, and can not be used reluctantly. Check the firmness of the link between the foot rope and the paddle board, The foot rope can ensure that the person and the board are not separated. In this way, once a person falls into the water, there is no need to chase the paddle board, and the paddle board will become a super large life-saving float, this is a great help to rowers. Be sure to wear your feet well.

In addition, when a beginner falls into the water, he must not jump into the water vertically. In this way, it is easy to get his feet stuck in the mud, or be stuck in the underwater stones, or entangled by the foreign matters under the water. Pay attention to the unfamiliar waters.


The right way is to lie in the water as far as possible, so that the buttocks first into the water, and then back into the water, into the water depth will be very shallow, hand out is also a kind of protection for the head, but it needs to be noted that this kind of falling posture must not be used against the wall, near the reef and other places, because it will hit the stone, causing serious fatal injury, so do not get close to it Shore, the place close to the stone to stand up, otherwise fall down very easy to be seriously injured!

If you only hold the paddle board after falling into the water and don't go back to kick, then the foot will unconsciously extend forward and reach in front of the body, so that the paddle board will buckle over immediately! It is very easy for beginners to encounter this problem. Many open water swimmers will encounter this problem when they play paddle for the first time, and they don't know how to do it.


Once the paddle board is reversed, don't be nervous. Step on the water carefully, and then turn the paddle board over at the taill of the board,compared with other places, it is easier to turn the paddle board over.


The right way to paddle: is to lie flat, feet with freestyle, or breaststroke, or butterfly, kick, the best foot out of the water, so that your body can be flat, and then more easily climb the paddle board.


When you flatten your body by kicking water through your legs, use a relatively large force to hit the water. With this stroke, the body will rush to the paddle board, especially the stomach must come up, and then the arm extends forward over the paddle board. As long as the stomach can lie on the paddle board, it is easy to get on.


When your stomach is on the paddle board, the legs continue to beat the water, let one leg hang up, so that the other leg can easily board.


After climbing on the paddle board, kneel down first, hold the oar with both hands and hold it on the paddle board.


Hold the paddle board with your hand, get up one leg first, then the other leg, so that both legs stand up, hold the oar in hand, and slowly stand up. In this way, we successfully stand up from the paddle board! For beginners, the first time to play paddleboard try to stand up, the atmosphere is tense, so let's have fun and relax.


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