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Shape and selection of paddle board


Shape and selection of paddle board

When choosing the paddleboard, we should consider: where to row, leisure or racing, novice or veteran.

Short board (less than 2.8m)

Good for surfing. Compared with the long board, the short board has better maneuverability. Generally, children's surfboards are less than 2.4 meters.

Medium plate (2.8m-3.7m)

It is the ideal size of multifunctional board. You can slide in the lake or simply surf in the sea.

Long slab (3.8m-4.3m)

Suitable for competitions and water excursions. The speed of long board is faster than that of medium and short board, and it is easier to slide straight line. If you're interested in racing or hiking, you need a long board to race, or slide long distances to your camp.

Wide plate (80cm or wider)


Wide boards are more stable and easier to stand on than narrow boards. But it will be slower than the narrow board.


Narrow board (74cm-76cm)


The speed of narrow plate is faster than that of long plate, but the stability is worse.

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