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Paddle boards roam the village of Gulau


Small group travel about three or five friends, get together, paddle board (Paddle boards )tour of the beautiful water. 5-6 people.


Gulao water town, located in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, has a history of more than 600 years. It is the most typical and original ecological water town in the Pearl River Delta!


"Small bridge, flowing water and family" is the most beautiful picture of water town! The beautiful water town in South China has not been over developed. It is primitive and natural and has the title of "Venice in Lingnan". The fish ponds, the "round piers" and the numerous rivers and streams as dense as spider webs constitute a picturesque scenery, which is fascinating and intoxicating.


Every year, the lotus pond is full of green flowers. When the ancient lotus is in full bloom, the air is full of fragrance.


Walking on the edge of the lotus pond, the lotus and lotus leaves are close at hand, and you will encounter the picture of "little lotus just showing its sharp corners, and dragonflies have been standing on its head for a long time". Now, in Gulao water town, the commercial flavor of over development is not so heavy. You don't need to buy a ticket to enter the village. Everything is simple.


If you pursue the serenity and freshness of a "paradise", you will not be disappointed if you paddle here because of the fish ponds, vegetable fields, old Qingshi alleys and folk customs.


Walking on the water dragon bridge, be sure to have a look at the water dragon bridge~


"Water dragon bridge" has a history of more than 200 years. It was about 1km long, and now it is about 300m long. It lies across the water in "s" shape. It is the longest stone slab bridge in Shuixiang.


Shuilong bridge is an important link connecting the villages in the area of ascending nanwanzu to Xijiang River, and is also the main traffic route for the villagers of Weidun water village in the past.


The stone bridge was the main channel for villagers to go overseas in those years. Many ancestors of local families who made great achievements in Hong Kong, Macao and even overseas went out of the "water dragon bridge". After years of hard work, they accumulated huge wealth. Therefore, it was also regarded as a "bridge of entrepreneurship" and "bridge of wealth" by local villagers. Thus, the water dragon bridge was endowed with a layer of mystery and auspiciousness The color of auspiciousness is loved by tourists and is well-known in the water towns of the Pearl River Delta.


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