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inflatable stand up paddle board


1: When you slide on the right, your right hand holds the bottom of the paddle(inflatable stand up paddle board) and your left hand holds the top of the paddle.


2: The bow of the oar head is facing away from you, and you may find it unreasonable visually at first.


3: Keep your arms straight and paddle with your body.


4: When rowing, push down with the upper hand.


5: First insert the paddle blade into the water, and then pull it down the ankle to get out of the water.


6: At the beginning, you can do it slowly. You don't have to use a lot of energy in the beginning.


7: At the beginning of the paddle, with a small power to paddle, will let you each stroke more effective, row farther.


8: To keep a straight line, take turns on both sides, changing sides every 4-5 times.


9: Don't forget to change the position of your hands when rowing on the other side.


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